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About Us

Sichuan Oilman Machinery CO.LTD. is a company from China.

The company specializes in the production of carbide milling cutter, reamer, drill, plug gauge, carbide saw blade milling cutter, alloy milling cutter, alloy shaping cutter, welding alloy cutter, CNC milling tool handle and accessories, machine tool accessories, and undertake the design and manufacture of various non-standard cutter.

The company has the first-class numerical control turning, numerical control milling, numerical control grinding and so on numerical control equipment, the excellent design manufacture talented person, the rigorous craft manufacture, devotes to the high-end numerical control cutting tool manufacture and the research and development!

Sichuan Oilman Machinery CO.LTD. believe that without the brand premium, can let consumers use less money to buy to the square root of the product, cheap and fine products by broad consumer favorite, Chengdu Ou Bo Hua Trading Co., Ltd.is committed to provide consumers with high quality and low price goods province

Our contact email: service@anfirfocus.com

Our address:No.88, south road, chengdu economic and technological development zone, sichuan

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